We wouldn’t call Andrew Romanoff sleazy. A liberal, career politician who has never had a real job? Maybe. An immigration hard liner who helped pass one of the toughest illegal immigrant crackdowns anywhere in the nation? Why yes, we would call him that too. (Actually, that’s what The Washington Post called him) 

But we would never call him sleazy.

Democratic Senator Michael Bennet, on the other hand, he would. We mean, he did.

We didn’t get a chance to write about Bennet’s endorsement last week because we were busy talking about Democratic legislators stealing guns. But now that they have completed their stealing for the most part, we did not want to miss a chance to point out the irony of Bennet endorsing Romanoff.

If you really think Bennet supports Romanoff, then we would like to sell you a mortgage backed security on the house that Romanoff liquidated to challenge Bennet three years ago. 

In the event you forgot — Bennet smashed the career-minded Romanoff on the weight of this ad. For those wondering what the NRCC, Crossroads, Ryan Call, Mike Coffman and everyone else might use to attack the former House Speaker, we submit that this ad from Bennet targeting Romanoff is probably a good place to start.