Whodathunk it — Governor John Hickenlooper is set to join New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as the face of gun control in America. As the Bloomberg News Wire (chuckle) reports this morning, Hickenlooper’s expected signature on a series of gun bans and gun controls will put the Colorado Governor in league with the New York Governor. 

Gee, aren’t we lucky?

Just two weeks after orchestrating a press hit that made Hickenlooper appear like the sensible Democratic alternative to the hyper-liberal Cuomo, Hickenlooper changed his mind on that too. As Bloomberg (chuckle, chuckle) reports this morning, far from being at odds with Cuomo on guns, Hickenlooper crawled into the sack with them both.

From Bloomberg (chuckle, chuckle, chuckle):

Colorado is poised to follow New York as the second state to pass sweeping gun-control restrictions following mass shootings last year in a suburban Aurora theater and an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

…“Colorado is much more of a leadership state on an issue like guns than an Eastern state or a Southern state,” said Robert McCrie, a professor of security management at New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “Colorado is a Western state with Western traditions, particularly enshrining the respect for hunting and the ownership of rifles.”

…“There are an awful lot of people in my district who will end up being criminals under this, not for any other crime than being in possession of a magazine,” said Senator Ellen Roberts, a Republican from Durango. 

“In less than 20 minutes I’m in the state of New Mexico,” Roberts said. “Arizona is 40 minutes away — how are we asking our county sheriffs to figure out how to implement something like this? On the Front Range you are insulated — that’s not the world I live in.”

We aren’t sure if Hickenlooper wants to be President. If not, he ought to think about running for Mayor or Governor…in New York.