A tiff has been brewing between Fox News talking head Bill O’Reilly and Denver Post editorial editor Curtis Hubbard.  Rep. Libby Szabo appeared on O’Reilly’s show to talk about how Colorado is one of just five states that consistently refuse to pass Jessica’s Law, which is best known for instituting minimum sentencing requirements for pedophiles.

During Szabo’s appearance, O’Reilly clunkily noted Speaker Ferrandino was gay — which is noted in every article about the Speaker — before pointing out that his sending Jessica’s Law to the kill committee was exactly what angered Ferrandino about the civil unions bill treatment during last year’s special session. Hubbard then engaged in his own bit of loose-link gay-baiting in his editorial saying O’Reilly’s “was saying “gay,” but what he wanted his listeners to hear was “pervert-pedophile.”

O’Reilly responded by alleging that Hubbard might have gotten his inspiration for his editorial from a fundraising letter sent out by Colorado Democratic Party Treasurer Chris Ott with a Democratic House Majority Project email.

We checked.  We couldn’t help but notice that there were some similarities.  Is it possible that Hubbard had the fundraising letter in front of him when he wrote it?  Remember, the fundraising letter was sent on March 6th and Hubbard’s editorial was published on March 10th.

First instance (first paragraph in each):

Democratic Fundraising Letter: “We are making history in Colorado. Thanks to Democratic majorities in the state legislature, we are on the verge of increasing opportunity for the children of immigrants seeking a college education. We are so close to turning civil union legislation into law. In the wake of the deadly mass shootings our state and nation have endured, common sense legislation to protect the public from gun violence is being debated. Just as importantly, extremist bills eroding the rights of workers and criminalizing women and doctors are being defeated.”

Denver Post: “From tackling gun laws to legalizing civil unions, from authorizing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants to changing rules on teaching sex education in public schools, the issues have provided ample opportunity for everyone from politicians to pundits to taste their shoes (just ask Rep. Joe Salazar, D-Thornton, or Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Westminster).”

Second instance:

Democratic Fundraising Letter: “I am especially proud of the leadership of the Speaker of the State House, Mark Ferrandino. However, the Speaker’s leadership has made him the target of a vicious smear campaign by Fox News demagogue Bill O’Reilly.”

Denver Post: “But O’Reilly was miffed and decided to make Ferrandino — who sent the bill to the so-called “kill committee” — his villain.”

Third instance:

Democratic Fundraising Letter: “O’Reilly’s show has repeatedly insinuated that because of the Speaker’s sexuality and support for civil unions, he is therefore trying to ‘protect’ child predators.”

Denver Post: “O’Reilly’s fear-mongering should offend all Coloradans. He was saying ‘gay,’ but what he wanted his listeners to hear was ‘pervert-pedophile.'”

What do you think, Peak Nation™?  If Fox News’ promos are correct, Hubbard is set to appear on O’Reilly tonight – DVR it folks.