Yesterday, we examined the disparity of occupations by political affiliation of Colorado’s State House Representatives.  As one could guess by the legislation, most Democrat State House Representatives don’t come from a business background.  Tied for most prevalent careers among Democrat House Reps are legislator and educator.  Most Republican Representatives come from a business background.  The same trend continues in the Senate.  See the chart below for additional color.

Just like the State House, no Republicans came from a lobbyist or education background and no Democrats came from an agriculture or ranching background.  The other category encompassed occupations that didn’t fall easily into the traditional buckets.  Examples of “other” on the left included a physician and nurses; whereas, “other” on the right included an investigator and a retiree, among others.

The contrast in the Senate isn’t as stark as in the House.

For example, in the House, just two Democrat Representatives hailed from the business community contrasting with their Republican counterparts, which had 12 members from the business community.  That said, Democrats still claim 100% of the lobbyists and educators.

Again, like in the House, when Coloradans wonder where some of this unfriendly and unhelpful legislation comes from, looking at the legislators’ careers might be helpful.