This morning at about 9:45 a.m., Democrat Governor Hickenlooper signed into law far-reaching gun control measures that would expand the background checks on gun purchases to include some family members and that would limit the size of ammunition magazines that would render nearly all magazines illegal.

With opposition for this legislation came from all sides, it would appear that the Colorado State Legislature is running roughshod over Gov. Hickenlooper. Hick has flip-flopped on guns and is now forced to play defense on oil and gas (we’ll see how good at D Hick really is in the coming weeks).  Other than civil unions, which is a perennial issue and not Governor-initiated, has he addressed anything he promised to address in his infamous State of the State speech?

The question has become who’s really in charge in Colorado?  In other words, is the tail wagging Hick?  Or is Hick hiding behind the legislature?

The Tim Gill-purchased legislature has pushed a far left agenda for years, much to the chagrin of Hickenlooper who portends to be a moderate.  The key agenda items he outlined in his State of the State speech this January included passing the DUHigh bill to make our roads safer in light of Amendment 64, foster a friendlier business climate to attract new businesses, pair gun control with mental health initiatives, and others.

What the Gill legislature has delivered, as the Peak mentioned earlier, is gun control, sex ed, cow’s tails, civil unions, adultery laws, and overturning the death penalty.  Finally, if anything, Democrats in the Colorado State Legislature have made the business climate worse, having already sent at least two businesses packing.

Then, of course, there was the national influence (Mayor Bloomberg and Vice President Biden) on gun control that left Coloradans, again, wondering who’s really in charge.

Whether Hick isn’t standing up to the legislature or he’s hiding behind it, it would appear that Chickenlooper has made his appearance again.  You can call Gov. Hickenlooper a lot of nice things, but you can’t call him a leader.