Revealing Politics has released a new video highlighting the Facebook reaction of potential Colorado tourists to the new gun control measures that Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper just signed.  They’re not pleased.  Just watch:

The importance of Colorado’s tourism industry to Colorado’s economy is hard to dispute.  According to the Colorado Tourism Office:

“Tourism is one of the largest industries in Colorado in terms of jobs, employing 144,300 people in the tourism sector. Overall, these employees earn $4.1 billion annually, contributing to state revenue through income taxes.”

As if the employment statistics weren’t compelling enough, the Colorado Tourism Office also highlights the tax revenue generated from Colorado’s tourism industry.  According to the fact sheet, without state and local taxes collected from tourism, each year every Coloradan would pay $157 more in taxes (or $407 per household).

Why would Democrats pass legislation that would so negatively impact middle class families in Colorado, if it claims to be the party of the middle class? And, the question begs to be asked, where was Colorado’s tourism industry on this legislation?