With the economy recovering and tax revenue increasing, you would think the calls for tax hikes would begin to recede, but then you would misjudge the aim of tax hikers.

They’re like a fat kid in a candy store — give ’em one piece and they just want four more.

As the Associated Press’s Ivan Moreno reported yesterday, the state’s general fund is already increasing by $600 million over last year, and the overall budget surpassed $20 billion this year, with it expected to cross $22 billion next year:

Under the Senate spending plan, general fund expenditures, which lawmakers control, were expected to be about $8.2 billion next year, compared to $7.6 billion in the current budget year. The state’s total budget, which includes federal money and cash funds, would be about $20.5 billion.

That hasn’t stopped State Senator Mike Johnston from forging ahead with his plan to ask for a $1 billion+ tax hike from taxpayers this year. Or was it $2.75 billion?

We’ll say this for the tax hike set, at least they picked a better face forward for this campaign compared to 2011’s disastrous Prop 103. Zach Morris beats Mr. Burns any day as a poster child for policy.

Of course recent tax receipts may not keep pace with Magpul and associated industries leaving the state and many hunters boycotting Colorado over it’s gun control legislation. So maybe the tax hike is meant to make up for that lost revenue?

What’s the reason, Mikey? Why do you want more?