Undocumented workers won’t be undocumented much longer if Colorado Democrats at the State Capitol get their way. After a session already chock-a-block full of controversial liberal measures, State Senator Jesse Ulibarri (D-Ballpoint Pens) has decided to push a bill granting Colorado driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

Reports the Associated Press:

DENVER—Illegal immigrants would be eligible to get Colorado driver’s licenses under a bill Democrats plan to introduce next week.

…Colorado Democratic Sen. Jessie Ulibarri, the sponsor of the bill, says illegal immigrants are already on the roads and it would be better to have them licensed and insured. The bill will be unveiled Monday.

Ulibarri apparently wasn’t paying attention when a group tried to get this measure on the ballot last year and got barely a quarter of the number of signatures needed to succeed.

Nor, apparently, was he paying attention to the 9/11 Commission counsel who has warned about the threat to public safety from such an action. As The Colorado Observer reported in January:

But some, like 9/11 Commission counsel Janice Kephart, have suggested that allowing illegal aliens to obtain state-issued identification documents could pose threats to general public more dire than unregistered cars and uninsured drivers. 

“One of the key rules in terrorist travel is to get a government-issued ID,” Kephart said in September. “All four 9/11 pilots had Florida driver’s licenses, including, of course, the operational leader and first World Trade Center pilot, Mohamed Atta.”

“New Mexico, for example, is one of a handful of states that does not require proof of U.S. citizenship to obtain a driver’s license, so there is a tremendous amount of fake ID production in New Mexico,” Kephart added. “Counterfeiters even ship illegal aliens to New Mexico to acquire driver’s licenses.”

Colorado may have been happy to become the next Emerald Triangle of pot growing, but we highly doubt Coloradans would be quite as happy to become the capital of counterfeit IDs.

This is a classic case of overreach and why anyone who tells you Democrats have attained a permanent majority in Colorado is dead wrong.

Colorado may have trended leftwards in recent elections, but the electorate isn’t quite on par with California, even if our left-wing legislature governs that way.

Bills like this are exactly the type of overreach that helps swing the pendulum back the other way in politics.