Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith hammered back at John Hickenlooper and Barack Obama at a gun control forum hosted by Gun Control Inc. The Denver Post, calling Obama and Hick’s gun rally today a “victory dance” not leadership. 

From The Washington Times:

When President Obama arrives here Wednesday to cheer the state’s newly passed gun control laws, don’t expect Colorado’s county sheriffs to join in the celebration. 

At a forum Tuesday, Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith blamed the state’s gun control agenda in part on the White House and characterized this week’s presidential visit as a “victory dance.”

Critics of the measures have accused the White House and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg of orchestrating the state legislature’s push for gun control. The three bills passed the Democrat-controlled legislature last month without a single Republican vote. 

“In my opinion, there were marching orders from Bloomberg and from the president, ‘Get this done. We want to own some ground in Colorado,’” said Sheriff Smith at a Tuesday panel on gun control sponsored by the Denver Post. “They’ve done it. The president’s planning to come here and do, I think, a little bit of a victory dance tomorrow that, ‘We got this passed in Colorado.’”

As we described yesterday, Hickenlooper has earned exactly nothing from liberals for signing the most insane gun control in America. The Sheriff from Fort Collins doesn’t think much of Hick either.