Preface: We try not to cover stupid crap that doesn’t matter, except when covering stupid crap that doesn’t matter brings humor to our day.

Actual story: The man who ran the humiliating campaign against marijuana legalization wants a new job — he wants to be a Denver City Councilman. While the potheads may have gotten a leg up on him during the Amendment 64 campaign, no one will get the jump on him this time. Roger Sherman is announcing for a city council seat that is not open until 2015.

From a Sherman for Council 2015 campaign email blast that was forwarded to us this spring of 2013 afternoon:

I want you to be one of the first to know – I have decided to run for Denver City Council in District 10. District 10 sits in the heart of Denver and encompasses some of our city’s finest neighborhoods including Capitol Hill, Congress Park, Cherry Creek North, Uptown, Golden Triangle and Civic Center.

As a former council aide in District 10, and a resident for more than a decade, I have deep roots in the District and enjoy the diversity that makes our community so special.

…It may seem like 2015 is a long way away, but I want to talk with as many people as possible about how to make Denver the best it can be and starting early is the way to do that. Council campaigns also are getting more and more expensive so I want to give myself plenty of time to raise the resources necessary to win. Please make a contribution today if you are able. 

Sum-bitch…did anyone else notice he didn’t mention his stewardship of the No on 64 campaign? I guess he is hoping all the libertarians and potheads who supported 64 kill a bunch of brain cells before now and that fateful election 700 days from now.

Here he is predicting victory days before the electoral rout, per the Post‘s John Ingold:

Roger Sherman, the manager of the opposition campaign, said it has been difficult even to buy time to run ads this season because of the campaign’s limited finances and the amount of other political advertising on the airwaves. Opponents have raised close to $650,000, according to their campaign filings. But that is only about a third of the $2 million that the main proponent committee has raised through contributions and loans.

Sherman said he believes the race is closer than The Post’s poll indicates but said opponents face an uphill battle in the campaign’s closing days.

“I think we’ve done what we can do, and it’s in the voters’ hands,” he said. “I remain cautiously optimistic that voters will do the right thing.”

Will marijuanna supporters forgive and forget Sherman between now and 3 elections from now?

Or will pro-dubage forces flock to his campaign, as thanks for running a no campaign that was so bad that even the right wingers of Weld and El Paso Counties decided to pass the dutchie?

It is an issue we will be watching, as the race for Denver City Council heats up over the next 700 days.