This organization has bull in it alright, but probably not the intended.  The Bull Moose Sportsmen recently was cited by Politico in an article about hunting groups that are advocating for background checks.  In a full dress down of the “bull” article, The Washington Times exposed the group’s astroturfing ways, and its connection to none other than Colorado’s Democratic U.S. Senators. Here’s what the Times noted about Bull Moose Sportsmen’s financial ties to Sen. Michael Bennet:

“According to some public filings, the ‘non-partisan nonprofit organization’ gave $17,000 in the 2012 federal election, and all of it went to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado. It spent $117,540 in support of Mr. Bennet in the 2010 cycle. The group raised $354,228 in 2011 and spent $295,863.”

Perricone also served as the former regional political director of Democratic Senator Mark Udall.
From LinkedIn:

Interestingly enough, Perricone’s Bull Moose partner in crime, Tim Mauck, also served as finance director for Udall in 2012.  Not to be left out, Democratic Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper also has ties to Perricone as Hickenlooper appointed Perricone to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission earlier this year.  Perricone’s term is up in 2015.

If the BullShit Moose Sportsmen organization wants to provide an outlet for Democrat sportsmen, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But, when an organization portends to be a “nonpartisan” group that represents the “complete” sportsmen’s agenda, we have to call BS.