First they lost the 2009 school board elections, then they watched as a school voucher system was set up and held up by the Colorado Court of Appeals, and recently their union boss salaries, funded by taxpayers, got pulled out from under them.

It’s been a tough time for the local AFL-CIO teachers union bosses. And they’re pissed.

Dealt one defeat after another, the local chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, a member of the AFL-CIO, and their allies, have resorted to trashing the Douglas County school district’s reputation in a bid to take back control of the school board in the 2013 elections, complete with lawsuits and dubiously researched direct mail.

Fed up with the union mud throwing, a group has sprung up to combat their attacks, headed by former Castle Rock Mayor Randy Reed.

The Douglas County Education Alliance just launched their online efforts with a YouTube spot and Facebook page, where they outlined their goals and agenda.

From a Facebook post today:

Douglas County has always had one of the best school districts. Now, thanks to our great teachers and cutting-edge reforms Douglas County Schools are the envy of the country.

So why would the AFL-CIO and their union affiliates attack our school district? It’s pretty simple. Just follow the money…

Read the rest at the Douglas County Education Alliance Facebook page.

If you would like to tweet about the Douglas County school battle royale, the group suggests the hashtag #KidsFirst