Big Labor might have millions of dollars at their disposal, and an army of paid canvassers harassing people at their worksites, but what they don’t apparently have in Colorado is a lick of skill at getting videos to go viral.

A couple days ago, AFL-CIO Colorado released a lame-ass YouTube video of their staff doing the already-dead-meme Harlem Shake in support of a union payback bill in the Legislature. They tweeted it out no less than 7 times and even got The Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels to embed it in a Spot blog post.

Despite their massive political infrastructure and the helping hand of Colorado’s top political scribe, in the three days the video has been out they’ve received a whopping….99 views.

Congratulations, AFL-CIO Colorado. That might be the lowest amount of views on any Harlem Shake video anywhere on the internet.

Mike Cerbo, was it really worth wearing a feather boa for 99 views?