Colorado’s House Democrats want to commission a study to determine whether disparities exist between participation in historically underrepresented business owners and all other businesses in the state procurement process. According to the fiscal note, HB13-1285 would come with a million dollar plus price tag and take nearly two years to complete.  The bill passed out of the House Business, Labor, Economic & Workforce Development (BLEWD) Committee today.

The question this study would answer is – is the state contracting with enough women-, minority-, and/or veteran-owned businesses.  Wow.  Those House Democrats really understand the plight of the small business owner.  You know what business owners say all the time over beers?  “I wish someone would just commission a study.”  Actually, they never say that.  Ever.

If asked, a small business owner would probably identify two needs from our elected officials – more opportunity and fewer regulations.  This bill accomplishes neither.

If the bill’s sponsors, Democratic Reps. Angela Williams and Joe Salazar and Democratic Sens. Angela Giron and Jesse Ulibarri, really wanted to help small businesses, they’d bank the million dollars.  This could reduce government spending, and, hopefully, taxes for small business owners to encourage growth and hiring.  Instead, the committee plans to BLEWD the cash on a BS study that will only lead to further rules and regulations in the state’s procurement process.

High five, guys.