UPDATE: All who are concerned about loved ones in the Boston Marathon, here’s a link where you can see where they last checked in.

Two bombs have gone off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, with reports of numerous dead and scores more seriously injured.

Images coming out of Boston are graphic, so click carefully on Twitter links.

As with any tragedy unfolding live, initial reports differ in the number of dead and injured.

It’s not known who or what group might be responsible for this horrific act of terror, and police report there are no “credible claims of responsibility” at this point.

However, police reportedly have a “person of interest” in their custody and images of someone leaving backpacks near the site of the bombs 20 minutes before they went off.

We will update this post as confirmed facts come in.

Pray for Boston, its courageous first responders and the victims of this senseless act of violence.

UPDATE 2: Boston police confirm at least two killed, including an eight-year old. The injured count also continues to climb as reports from local hospitals come in.