The reports coming out today about last night’s committee testimony about HB13-1303, which would allow Democrats to materially change how Colorado elections are conducted, all report that the testimony was bipartisan.  That’s only partially true.  Here are the facts.

Those who signed up to testify in support of the bill numbered just 12.  There were five times as many who signed up to testify against the bill – a whopping 66.  Of the 12 who signed up to testify in favor of this Democrat election grab, just three were there representing themselves as a voter.  The rest were either elected officials or paid operatives representing such groups as League of Women Voters, Common Cause, and Vote Vets.

While Vote Vets sounds like an organization worth supporting (who doesn’t love a veteran?), this organization isn’t funded by veterans or even geared toward advocating on behalf of veterans.  It’s funded by environmentalists.  From

“The Sierra Club gave $670,000 to the liberal VoteVets Action Fund, and the NRDC Action Fund donated $500,000. The largest total came from the Alliance for Climate Protection, the group founded by former Vice President Al Gore: $2.6 million, research by OpenSecrets Blog has found.”

Odd.  Why would a veterans’ organization, funded by environmental causes to the tune of over one million dollars, want to influence an elections bill in Colorado?  Curious.

The elected officials who came out to support the bill included Debra Johnson, Denver Clerk and Recorder; Pam Anderson, Jeffco Clerk; Hillary Hall, Boulder Clerk; Tiffany Parker, LaPlata Clerk; and CU Regent Joe Neguse.

Contrastingly, there were representatives from three organizations and a handful of elected officials, including Secretary of State Scott Gessler, speaking against the bill, but 54 people who came to testify against this bill representing themselves, as voters.  Again, remember, that’s compared to the three on the other side.  And, not one paid lobbyist.

If the voters want this bill so badly, where were they last night?