It’s always sad to bid farewell to a friend, and the closing of People’s Press Collective is no exception.  Today, the blog passed the torch on to sites like ours after “1704 days, 12,896 posts, 6,625 comments, and three election cycles”.

Its contributors have included TL James, David K. Williams, Amy Oliver, Joshua Sharf, and more.  The site has served as a rallying point for the grassroots as well as an outlet for conservative debate.

The blog couldn’t have exited on a more gracious note:

“The main driver behind this is a simple lack of time and resources to keep the website going in a form we can be excited about and happy with – half of us have moved out of state, and the rest of us are overwhelmed with commitments from our day jobs. It’s time to move on to other things and leave it to Colorado Peak Politics, WhoSaidYouSaid, Revealing Politics, Complete Colorado, Media Trackers Colorado, The Colorado Observer, and other sides I may be overlooking or which may be on the horizon.”

Thank you for paving the way for our blog and the others mentioned above.  Best of luck in your next adventure.