Gun rights supporters flooded Senator Angela Giron’s town hall. Today, Bennet & Udall voted to avoid a similar fate.

The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate shot down two gun control bills today, offering a sharp reminder to Governor Hickenlooper and Colorado’s State Senate Democrats of how far out on a limb they went on gun control.

The assault-weapons ban went down 60-40, with even Senators Bennet and Udall voting against it.

Reports The Colorado Observer‘s Mark Stricherz:

WASHINGTON — Four months after hinting they would support a ban on semi-automatic weapons, Colorado’s two Democratic senators voted no on a legislative proposal designed to do just that.

“(I)t went too far because it would also have banned certain hunting rifles and even some shotguns,” Sen. Mark Udall said in a press release. “If this bill had been more carefully crafted to only ban weapons designed for the battlefields and keep them out of the hands of the criminals and the mentally ill, I would have supported it.”

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After watching the political thrashing Democrats took at the Colorado Capitol for their own poorly crafted legislation, most especially on the magazine ban, Colorado’s U.S. Senators appear to have heard the public, backing themselves away from the issue.

The so-called “Toomey-Manchin” registration/background check bill also failed, garnering significant bipartisan opposition.

Can Colorado political observers remember any issue at the Legislature that generated as much ground-level heat as the gun issue has this session?

If a state-level fight got that hot, can you really blame national Democrats for staying out of the kitchen?