By now, we are all familiar with the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  Those of us on the right are also familiar with the Main Stream Media (MSM) blaming us for this event without any evidence whatsoever.  In fact, we were looking for them to do so.  We know all too well that blaming the right is their modus operandi.


The fact is, with one glaring exception—Tim McVeigh—there has not been a single right-wing committed, politically motivated tragedy worthy of national attention.  So, not only does the MSM blame the right without evidence, but they also do so without much historic precedent.  I would argue that this is injurious behavior toward all conservatives.  This is really a second injury that we must suffer.


When I see the stories of the Boston Marathon bombing, or other such tragedies, I am injured.  When I read about an eight year old boy who died while waiting for his Dad to cross the finish line, I think of my own two sons, and I hurt for that Dad.  When I hear that the boy’s mother and sister were also seriously injured, I think of my wife and daughter, and I hurt for that whole family.  Do I hurt as much as that Dad, or as much as that family?  Certainly not!  But I still feel their loss from thousands of miles away, and I do hurt for them.  I would be a horrific sociopath if I lacked the empathy to do so.  My injuries from this event are miniscule compared to those of the people directly involved, but they do exist.  This is the first injury that we suffer.


Then for the MSM to go out of their way to try to place the blame for these kinds of events on me and those who believe as I do is an unconscionable, belligerent, injurious act toward all conservatives.  If most such tragedies had occurred because of the actions of right-wingers, or if the MSM had any bit of evidence whatsoever for their claims, then this would not be true.  But the fact is, when such events have even just the least inkling of political motivation, the vast majority of them have historically been perpetrated by individuals who are left leaning.  And, as we conservatives are well aware, it usually only takes the MSM minutes from the time an event occurs until they are trying to blame right-wingers—certainly not enough time to have developed even a lead in the case, much less any evidence!


This time around was no different.  From CNN “experts” suggesting the Boston Marathon bombing to be a right-wing plot, to Chris Matthews on MSNBC making a similar suggestion, to various reporters tweeting like-minded thoughts, conservatives were being bashed by liberals in the MSM before all of the physically injured had even reached the hospital!  If you are a conservative in America today, you are always twice injured by any such national tragedy.


So how do conservatives respond?  A recent trend I have noticed is that after such events, conservatives and conservative groups start posting certain types of memes on social media.  (A meme is a picture and/or phrase that is intended to quickly get a point across, and is shared repeatedly by large numbers of individuals.)  The most common memes circulated by conservatives after these events tend to point out that the vast majority of mass shootings in American history have been perpetrated by left-leaning individuals.  They will usually have one or two sentences to support the idea that the perpetrator was left-leaning.  But by its very nature, a meme does not ever make a complete case, nor does it ever intend to prove the point, it just demonstrates the point.  Posting and/or sharing such memes is done by conservatives as an act of defense against the second injury they suffer in virtually every such national tragedy.


The day after the Boston Marathon bombing, long after the MSM had all but ignored the Saudi national who was a person of interest, as they bashed right-wingers at a fever pitch, I posted one such meme on a social media site.  A liberal friend of mine did what liberals do whenever someone disagrees with them, he attacked.  He started off with a seemingly benign, sarcastic comment:  “This is helping.”  Knowing where he was coming from, I responded with another meme that is circulating, and added an additional comment:  “As George Orwell said, ‘The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.’ Using truth to combat disinformation always helps, no matter how much you hate it!”  Perhaps I could have been a bit less confrontational, but after the injuries of the previous day, and having my beliefs relentlessly attacked by the MSM, with that attack continuing on into this day, I wasn’t going to take any guff from someone who clearly didn’t think I had a right to defend my beliefs.  So, he responded by accusing me of “drifting into partisan BS.”  I asked him to show me what part of the meme was untrue, and asked him to back his position up.  He then pointed out that three of the six items on the meme did not make a complete case and/or prove the point, therefore, he claimed, those three points were not true.  He did not prove the points to be false, he merely showed that a complete case to prove the points was not contained within the meme.


To make a long story short, he was not able to demonstrate any part of the meme to be false, but he descended into foul language as he attempted to order me to remove my original posting, claiming that I had no right to post it on this of all days.  Eventually, he said, “I tried to reason with you, show that the OP was factually wrong and in bad taste. What I got was an escalation.”  Actually, by using sarcasm, insults, foul language, and disinformation he was really trying to attack me for defending my beliefs which were already under very public attack.  Yes, he got escalation, but about nine-tenths of the escalation was coming from him.


Keep this in mind, conservatives.  The left does not know how to reason.  They do not know what constitutes proof/disproof.  They will not listen to your side of the issue.  They only attack.  Whether they are attacking with guns (mass shootings), bombs (Saul Alinsky et al.), disinformation (MSM), other words (social media), or by any other means, they will always try to injure you, and if they can’t do that, they will at least insult you.  Whenever there is a criminal national tragedy, conservatives will always be twice injured, and if you try to defend yourselves against such injury, the left will add insult to your double injury.  Perhaps we should stop assuming a defensive position and mount a strong offense against the left!