A critical mass of city bureaucrats and rent-seekers in the “sustainability” industry will converge on the Wellington Webb building at 10:00 AM today to celebrate Earth Day. In spite of being a zero-emissions enterprise, your friendly reporters from the Peak were not extended an invitation to exhibit.  (Here’s the official list.)  We’ll admit, we were saddened by the oversight. No, actually, we weren’t.

If you want to brave the foot of snow that forecasters are predicting in late April to learn about the perils of global warming, the opportunity is yours for the taking.

Don’t-Miss Activities:

During your visit, be sure to check out new information on worm composting and peruse the “Near Zero Emissions Vehicle Display” in case you feel inspired by your surroundings to pick up a $41,000 Chevy Volt.  Also, don’t forget to stop by the Junk Mail Reduction Station, Sierra Club’s booth, where you can offer your information for the Democrats’ vast voter database, and Solar City, where you’ll have the opportunity to buy $20,000 worth of solar panels to save $100 per year on utility bills.

What You Won’t See:

Besides the Peak, don’t expect any trash cans, as somehow Denver Solid Waste and Denver Recycles combined forces to make this a so-called “Zero Waste” event.

In all, there will be dozens of local, state, and federal agencies on hand to educate you on what you should be doing to stop destroying the environment.  What would we do without them?