While we suspected that Denver Post reporter Tim Hoover was a closet liberal, we had no idea that his new job was Chief Apologist for Governor John Hickenlooper.  Actually, Half Story Hoover’s new job is editorial writer for the Denver Post, which means that he can finally be free to be biased.

Last week, we reported on a left-leaning Public Policy Polling poll that showed that Hick’s disapproval numbers had spiked 18 points since November.  Regardless of Hoover’s commentary, that’s huge.  His approval numbers also fell 2%.  This means that his favorability has dropped 20 points overall.  Again, this is pretty big news.

Hoover took to the Twitterverse to defend Hick, downplaying the plummeting numbers.  Here is just a brief selection of his tweets defending the Governor and the liberal PPP poll:




Since he’s an editorial writer, Hoover can write whatever Dean Singleton he wants to write, but we appreciate his efforts to manage our expectations.