Democrats in the Colorado legislature came out of the blocks this year with big plans to create a regulatory and economic environment that would be supportive of business growth.  We are now 80% of the way through this session, and Democrats have squandered this opportunity to revive our economy, and, instead, have focused on social issues that are completely irrelevant to business and job creation in Colorado.

Looking back on the session, we did find something interesting though.  The Senate Democrats’ website has a running poll to solicit feedback on what should be done “to recruit, grow, and retain businesses” in Colorado.

The poll is curiously titled “We’re Listening,” but don’t let that fool you.  By a wide margin, “offer tax breaks to businesses” ranks as the top option in this still-running poll, attracting 52% of the votes.  That’s 18% more votes than its nearest competitor.  Whoops.

But, when you take a look at the press releases coming out of the Senate Majority Office, tax reductions are not even a blip on the radar.  As one may expect, their press releases are mainly focused on social programs, but when they wander into the realm of business, it is an emphasis on picking winners and losers, meddling in private sector HR policy, and increased regulation.

Our Senate Democrats may be listening, but they sure don’t hear Coloradans.