JeffCo Clerk Pam Anderson

Jefferson County Clerk Pam Anderson, a Republican, and Donetta Davidson, the former Republican Secretary of State, have been bureaucrats for far too long. The forms in triplicate and cushy government benefits have apparently lulled them into giving up any semblance of conservative thought they might once have possessed.

Both Republicans have embraced an election “reform” bill written in secret by Common Cause and other liberal special interest groups. They’ve hugged the left wing for no reason other than laziness.

County Clerks have been clamoring for all-mail ballots for a number of years now because it makes their life easier. But making life easier for bureaucrats shouldn’t be the driving force behind election reform. Sometimes the headaches county clerks have to endure are necessary to ensure integrity in elections.

But as the election bill, HB1303, includes a move to all-mail ballots, the County Clerks Association, of which Donetta Davidson is the Executive Director, have embraced the bill.

Some clerks, such as Logan County’s Pam Bacon, admitted that they’re willing to embrace the bad with the good, all in the name of moving towards an election system that requires less work on the clerks’ part. Reported the Sterling Journal-Advocate:

STERLING — There are pros and cons to the Voter Access and Modernized Election Act that’s currently making its way through the Colorado Legislature, but ultimately Logan County Clerk and Recorder Pam Bacon believes the good outweighs the concerns.

…One of the things she likes about the bill is that it deals with mail ballot options.

…Something that is of concern is that Logan County would be required to have two service centers, in addition to the clerk and recorder’s office, for Election Day. In a normal mail-in ballot election only the clerk’s office is used.

“The service center part, I don’t want to say I like,” Bacon said. “I’m a little leery of it, just because it’s an unknown thing.”

…“The part (of the bill) that is concerning to a lot of people, including myself, is the registration deadlines would be changing with this,” Bacon said.

Right now, voters need to be registered 29 days prior to the election. The bill shortens that time period to 22 days, unless you register online or in person, which can be done eight days before the election.

…Another large potential issue with the bill is that it allows same-day registration, which could lead to fraud. But, she said being connected to the statewide system should help prevent that.

That sounds like plenty of concerns to us…not lock-step support as has been implied in media reports.

Other clerks, such as those from DougCo, El Paso, Elbert and Arapahoe have spoken out against the bill as well.

Maybe, just maybe, the bill could use some work. Maybe, just maybe, if they had asked for input from Republican legislators or the current Secretary of State, they could have fixed these issues earlier.

Clerks have a tendency to become brain washed bureaucrats. When they manage to stop the long lines every election season, or not double mail ballots to voters, we will start caring what they think.

One thing Republicans will no doubt care about is Davidson and Anderson’s traitorous embrace of left wing leaders. Today, Davidson penned a Denver Post op-ed with Joan Fitz-Gerald who runs the left wing group America Votes, on behalf of the Common Cause-drafted bill.

Anderson, who has been rumored to have higher political aspirations, even took to spewing Common Cause’s talking points while testifying for the bill at the Capitol.

That’s her right, we guess, but it will also be the right of Republicans to soundly reject her should she seek higher office.

Between Anderson’s wet rasberries for left wing special interests, and her pushing for a tax on internet phone use back in 2006, the JeffCo clerk has given the grassroots plenty of reason to put the breaks on her burgeoning political career.

Hopefully Tim Gill and Pat Stryker can find room for Anderson in the left wing apparatus after her time at the JeffCo Clerks’ office, as she certainly won’t be welcome with open arms among real conservatives.