Scandal? What scandal? Caught with their political pants around their ankles, the entirely Democrat-appointed Denver Board of Ethics is seeking the easy way out of a sticky situation.

In response to a police officer’s complaint, the board has decided that it can’t rule on whether the Denver Police Department violated ethics laws by sending uniformed, on-duty officers to an Obama gun control event while banning officers from attending a gun rights rally on the same day with Colorado Sheriffs.

The Board of Ethics is claiming they have no jurisdiction over political affairs, 9News reports, despite the fact that the Denver Police handbook says officers are to seek an advisory opinion from the board before engaging in political activity.

Watch 9News’ Kyle Clarks make a fool of the board and their half-assed excuse:

Making matters worse for the misuse of taxpayer resources, The Denver Post‘s Ryan Parker reports that officers felt compelled to attend Obama’s event:

Police union officials also said at the time of the visit they had gotten complaints from officers who felt they were required to attend.

We’re still awaiting the press release from Colorado Ethics Watch on how they plan to follow up on this blatant case of corruption.