Looks like third time year is not a charm for Republican House Minority Leader Mark Waller’s DUI high bill, which was killed in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Those voting against sending the bill to appropriations included: Democrat Senators Aguilar, Ulibarri and Guzman and Republican Senator Kevin Lundberg.

While many were surprised the bill failed, The Denver Post wrote a pointed editorial about the dangers of this bill’s failure:

“It is irresponsible. And with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, the committee vote Monday by three Democrats and one Republican to defeat the well-vetted bill is an affront to public safety.”

All hope in reviving the bill is not lost. Waller has spoken with House Democrats about including it in another bill. Currently, there are three bills that could accommodate such a measure. The question becomes whether House and Senate Democrats and Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper have the political will to pass such a bill.