The Colorado Press never misses a chance to report on the head-line grabbing ongoings of Secretary of State Scott Gessler. 

And the Colorado Press loves to report the findings of notoriously left leaning PPP polls as if they were from the mouth of the Lord.

So why didn’t the Colorado Press report the recent findings of the PPP poll as they pertain to Scott Gessler’s re-election?

Maybe it is because the press no-like Gessler, and no want anyone to know that Honey Badger is #winning.

From PPP:

Voters are closely divided on Michael Bennet- 34/35 approval- and narrowly support incumbent Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler for reelection over Democratic challenger Ken Gordon 42/38.

We admit to being mildly surprised at Gessler’s electoral strength after a 3-year barrage of attacks by libs and the press. We are not surprised, though, that the press ignored this development. 

That does not mean there isn’t a headline here…Gessler is #winning, even if the press does not want you to know.