Democrats are such practitioners of common sense. They will spare no legislative instrument to save the public from the horrifically non-existent risk of fracking. They host press conferences and stomp about global warming killing off species. 

But when it comes to spending dollars in the budget to protect people from real things — like friggin’ wildfires burning down subdivisions — Hick and the Democrats just aren’t interested.

From a Senate GOP press release yesterday afternoon:

King Calls on Governor to Act by May 8

Wildfires Are a Clear and Present Danger to Colorado Life and Property 

Denver- Today, the Senate gave final and unanimous approval to Senator Steve King’s (R-Grand Junction) bill to create the Colorado Firefighting Air Corps, but Senate Democrats rejected an amendment to make funding of the fleet a requirement.

“Wildfires are a clear and present danger for Colorado,” said King. “I call on the legislature and this administration to ensure that the air corps has funding before the end of this legislative session on May 8th.”

Presently, Colorado relies on the federal government to provide air support during wildfires. The federal government only has nine planes for the entire United States. They also have stringent rules that prevent their planes from night time firefighting and other firefighting innovations. Senate Bill 245 would allow the state to respond more quickly in the event of a wildfire.

“Without funding for the Firefighting Air Corps, Colorado is critically unprepared to deal in a proactive way with a catastrophic fire,” King added. “With four million acres of beetle kill dead trees, many around our water sheds, Colorado is only one lightning strike, one accidental match strike or one intentional arsonist’s strike from a catastrophic fire that would change Colorado for generations to come.”

This isn’t the first time Democrats have said to hell with fixing fire issues. Last year, Governor Hickenlooper was raked over the coals, so to speak, by a 7News investigation that found his administration’s investigation into the Lower North Fork fire was “soft” and had “political undertones.”

At first Hickenlooper didn’t even want to discuss compensating victims of the state government-caused fire. He backed off after pressure from legislative Republicans, but not before he stepped into it first.

Don’t worry, Colorado. Not only are Democrats unwilling to put aside the funds to fight the fire that could consume your house, but when your house burns down because of idiot bureaucrats, your governor won’t pay you.