A loyal reader sends along the below photo of Democratic legislators napping during the debate over SB252 on Friday night.

SB252 would mandate a 25% minimum for renewable energy for rural electric co-ops, which would have the effect of drastically raising electric rates for rural customers.

It’s part of what legislative Republicans have deemed a “War on Rural Colorado” by Democrats this session.

It appears even Democrats are tired of House Speaker Mark Ferrandino’s sh*tty calendar management skills.

Democratic Reps. Jeanne Labuda and Rhonda Fields

4/30 UPDATE: The Denver Post‘s Kurtis Lee picks up on the tireless work ethic of Rhonda Fields and Jeanne Labuda:

Photos of lawmakers sleeping at their desks — no matter the late night hour — are never a good look.

And in an era where everyone has a camera, either on their smart phone or tablet, photos can easily be taken — just look at Democratic Reps. Rhonda Fields of Aurora and Jeanne Labuda of Denver.

An image snapped of the two on Friday night as lawmakers debated bills into Saturday morning shows them slumped in their chairs on the House floor with their eyes closed.

4/30 UPDATE 2: Sleeping, or some cases appearing to sleep, on the House floor can come back to bite politicians. The Wayback Machine brings us this gem from the Rocky Mountain News in 2006:

…A Democratic “527” organization…[has] been running TV commercials and sending out fliers which include a picture of [Republican State Senator Lew] Entz leaning back in his chair in the Senate, feet on his desk and his eyes closed. He’s asleep on the job, the ads suggest.

“I’ve done that for 20 years when I’m not doing anything,” Entz said. “I lean back and relax. I never went to sleep in my life.”

The picture was printed in The Denver Post in 2005. Amber O’Connor, Entz’s campaign manager, said the Post has asked the 527 to stop using the copyright picture. But it was still appearing in ads as late as Monday.

The Democrats control the Senate 18-17 and they’re focusing on Entz’s district since they fear losing a seat elsewhere.