Some Democrats believed that Magpul would not follow through in its threat to pull out of Colorado should the heavy-handed gun control legislation pass.  They were wrong.

Today, the Boulder Daily Camera reported that the Erie-based company has begun manufacturing its PMag ammunition magazines out of state for the first time ever, according to the company.  Apparently, its sights have been manufactured out of state in the past.  Here is a response to an inquiry from Facebook:

“More details on where HQ and production will be moving to will be announced as things are finalized. PMag production has already started out of the state. Please be patient, there is a lot of due diligence required to move a company of our size.”

The statement did not go unnoticed with 47 Facebook likes and 18 replies of encouragement.  Some of the replies included welcome messages from other states, such as Wyoming, Georgia, and Texas, among others.

The company plans to reveal its relocation plans after the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting and exhibition this weekend.  Magpul announced its plans to relocate on the day that Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper signed radical gun control legislation into law.

How many other companies will be chased out of Colorado due to far left policies of the current Democratic regime at the Capitol and in the Governor’s Mansion?  Guess Democratic Sens. Andy Kerr and Jeanne Nicolson’s “Keep Jobs in Colorado” initiative doesn’t do a whole lot of good when you spend the other 95% of the legislative session chasing jobs out of state.