Another issue, another 15 minutes of fame for Colorado due to the state’s far left radical agenda by State Democrats.  This time, it’s over the new voter laws that just passed (without a single Republican vote) in Colorado.  This morning, the National Journal offered a grim overview of how Democrats are skewing the rules to benefit their side.

The article, written by editor-in-chief Reid Wilson, summed up the political game neatly by saying, “Consolidate that power, and make it harder for the other guy to win the next election.”

And, Democrats are taking no prisoners this session.  The challenges with the legislation, from Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler:

“It would require problematic changes to the state voter file, he said, and the fact that it allows same-day voter registration opens the door to fraud. What most gets under Gessler’s skin is what he said was a complete lack of interest Democrats had in amendments and input from Republican legislatures [sic] and his office — evidence, he thinks, that the legislation has ulterior political motives.”

While the bill’s proponents claim it would increase voter participation, it’s worth noting that Colorado has the third-highest voter turnout in the nation.

But, the National Journal hasn’t been the only publication to criticize the way Democrats have shoved this bill through the legislature.  Even the Denver Post, which has been no friend to Republicans, questioned the bill’s aggressive nature.

Today’s passage of the far left’s voter registration bills is just another page from the Democrats’ radical playbook.