The grassroots push to recall Senate President John Morse is getting reinforcements from a group started by a long-time Colorado Springs political operative who ran Mayor Steve Bach’s winning campaign.

Yesterday, Laura Carno, founder of the conservative women’s group, I Am Created Equal, tore into Morse and endorsed his recall, putting a sunny-side-up face on Morse’s awful record on guns. From Carno’s email:

When are political leaders on the hook for their terrible decisions? When we hold them accountable. That’s why I’m getting behind the effort to recall Senator John Morse, President of the Colorado State Senate.

Not only has Senator Morse’s strategy been behind all the terrible legislation this year, but he has refused to listen to his constituents and the sheriffs in Colorado. Law enforcement has overwhelmingly opposed the gun bills, saying they will have a negative effect on public safety. And to back up their opposition, a majority of the sheriffs in Colorado are signing on to a lawsuit against the State to overturn some of these laws.

A source told the Peak to expect more help from Carno and other conservative groups, a growing number of whom are eager to lend a hand to the insurgent push to oust Morse. The source tells the Peak that the volunteer-based grassroots effort has been so successful in building a base of support for the recall that many conservative thought leaders are starting to see the Senate President’s recall as entirely plausible.

Carno’s Morse thumping comes on the heels of a scathing editorial from the Colorado Springs Gazette, blasting him for SB252, the bill that would jack up rural electric rates by raising the renewable energy mandate:

We’ve learned to expect this kind of tone-deafness from Morse. His disregard for the best interests of his own community is well-established. So, it’s hardly surprising to see him thumb rural Coloradans in the eye on the premise that it’s for their own good.

All these developments portend bad things for Morse. The grassroots push to chuck him from office is drawing big help from prominent places. Better cancel those summer vacation plans, Johnny.