This week’s edition of the Colorado Statesman has an interesting new development on, of all places, the advertising page. The Colorado Oil and Gas Association is running an ad that features the logos of just about every major business and trade group in the State of Colorado which are all opposing the Democrat’s attempt to turn oil and gas regulation to the extractive equivalent of a sex offender registry. 

The optics of this are pretty rough for the Democrats. No longer is legislative Democrats’ war on energy just a special interest fight between wing-nut enviros and the Big, Bad Oil and Gas Industry. The political argument about fracking in Colorado is taking on a very different feel…it is wing-nut enviros vs. the entire state of Colorado.

Yesterday we wrote about a similar predicament for Governor Hickenlooper over the Renewable Energy Mandate Act of 2013. Groups opposing this bill have filled the airwaves to beat-up supporting legislators, and beg the Governor to intervene. 

Democrats have managed to hold sway in this state the last several cycles…as Eli Stokols daily reports…because they at least faked concern for business. This year they aren’t even faking it. Apparently more and more businesses and trade organizations are beginning to notice.