Colorado Public Radio is right – Colorado Matters.  At least, that’s the media’s takeaway from the news the Quinnipiac pollsters plan to add Colorado to its roster of states in which it conducts regular polling.  According to The Denver Post:

“The pollsters are among the best in the business, highly respected and worth the full consideration of both casual readers and the most hard-core of political junkies. They contact between 1,000 and 1,200 respondents and conduct the calls on both landlines and cell phones live. Additionally they are able to poll in both English and Spanish – which is key here.”

Colorado polling likely won’t start until this summer, with most reports suggesting the first results out of Colorado won’t be available until June. The polls typically cover a variety of issues in off-election years.

Th 2012 election season saw Colorado rise to new levels of swing-state status thanks to the money that poured into the state.  But, Colorado also has been making waves lately for its 2013 legislative session, which came to a close on May 8.  Colorado’s legislature is probably the only one whose hashtag frequently makes Twitter’s top trending hashtags.

Additionally, our Democratic state legislators made a name for themselves, for better or worse, in the national news due to their idiotic statements this legislative session.  From an insistence on being one of just five states to refuse to pass Jessica’s Law (thanks, Speaker Ferrandino) to Sen. Evie Hudak’s condescending comments to rape victims, Colorado has had far more than its share of its 15 minutes of fame this year.

Further, with the polling arm of the Democratic Party, Project New America, headquartered approximately two miles from Colorado’s Capitol in tony Cherry Creek, polling that leans less to the left will be a nice counterweight to the overly partisan data coming out of PNA.

Quinnipiac, welcome to Colorado!