The Denver Post‘s liberal blogger Allison Sherry called Senator Mark Udall a “privacy watchdog” in a glowing press release-turned-news story last week. 

WASHINGTON — Sen. Mark Udall has worked to carve out a reputation on Capitol Hill as the Senate watchdog to the Obama administration on intelligence gathering and privacy issues.

He successfully fought to prohibit the IRS from reading Americans’ e-mails without a warrant. He pushed last year to amend federal law to better protect Americans from having their communications collected. He opposed the reauthorization of the 2011 Patriot Act because it gave the federal government extensive access to private records and the power to wiretap individuals. 

With a Nixonian-scale privacy scandal exploding in the White House’s face, we had to ask (and hope Sherry will too)…will Udall call for heads to roll over the outrageous abuse of power by the IRS?

Or did Udall, like Bennet, push the IRS to engage in the fundamental political privacy violations that a “privacy watchdog” should decry? 

Just asking.