Yesterday, we reported that Denver DA Mitch Morrissey’s office had an unacceptably high rate of refusal to prosecute both felonies and felony sexual assault.  We saw the so-called “ambush” of Morrissey outside his office by Channel 7 news in Denver.  Morrissey’s office agreed to an off-camera interview in which Channel 7 couldn’t tape it, but the DA’s office did.

Then, something amazing happened.  Channel 7 filed a Colorado Open Records Act request with the DA’s office to obtain that tape, which they did.  What Morrissey says on this tape is, quite frankly, career ending (starts at about the 6-minute mark):

DA Morrisey:  Denver is a lot different than a lot of parts of this country.  Certainly different than places in this state.  So the fact that our numbers are different, does not surprise me at all.

Channel 7:  So when you say that they’re “different,” what do you mean?

DA Morrisey:  There’s no LoDo in most towns in – Denver – Colorado.  That’s a significant difference.

Channel 7:  What does that mean?

DA Morrisey:  There’s no Lower Downtown where you have a large population of young people drinking and engaging in what goes down in LoDo.  You don’t find that in Greeley.  You don’t find that in La Junta.  You don’t find that kind of situation there.

If we’re interpreting this correctly, Morrissey is saying that rape happens because of drinking in LoDo?  [Buzzer sounds]  WRONG.  Rape is a violent violation of women.  Period.  It is not a “situation”.

What’s truly terrible is that this isn’t some idiot politician saying something ignorant about rape.  This is the man in charge of prosecuting rape saying something idiotic about rape and why it happens.