In the past week, Colorado’s Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper signed 60 bills into law.  Here are some of the more prominent of the bunch:

SB13-260 – Perhaps the most controversial bill that Hickenlooper signed this week was Johnston’s school finance bill.  Readers may recall this bill because it has a $1 billion tax increase attached to it.  Don’t worry.  The tax increase must still be approved by voters.  If voters don’t approve the tax increase, then the bill fails.  The good news – a recent poll showed that Coloradans already aren’t in favor of a proposed $1 billion tax increase.

HB13-1001 – We reported on the Advanced Industries Accelerator Act earlier this session.  The greatest issue with this legislation is that it essentially turns the State of Colorado into a venture capital firm.

HB13-1006 – For families in crisis, there’s no problem providing a safety net like breakfast for hungry “kiddos”.  That’s not what the K-12 Breakfast and After the Bell Nutrition bill is about.  We reported on this massive government overreach because it qualified approximately 68% of Denver Public School attendees for free breakfast during the school day. 

SB13-200 – The expansion of medicaid is simply code for Obamacare, and takes Colorado one step closer to a truly socialized medical system, as we reported in March.

SB13-201 – While one has to question whether the appropriate role of government is to name rescue pets as the official state pets.  Who are we to begrudge man’s best friend it’s day in the sunThe bill also garnered a mention on the Denver Post‘s Winners list.

One of the most controversial that Hick signed into law the week before was the Enabling Voter Fraud Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act, which legalized same-day voter registration.  To see all the bills that Hick has signed into law (thus far),  visit here.

We’ll keep you posted on other bills signed into law post-session.

UPDATE: SB13-260 is not Michael Johnston’s $1 billion education bill, but the regular school finance act.  H/T to Missing Pundit (our favorite liberal anonymous Twitter account) for the catch.