Just when we thought Democratic Sen. Bennet was the clown of the week with his faux outrage over the IRS scandal that he, himself, caused, former Colorado Governor and (we presume) current Democrat Bill Ritter steps in with a trite and totally inaccurate assessment of the current state of affairs here in Colorado.  Here is the rubbish that froths from his pen Sunday in the Pueblo Chieftain:

“Here in Colorado, we are ahead of the curve on many public policy issues that other parts of the country call intractable. There’s a pragmatic optimism in Colorado that leads us to find sensible solutions and compromises on tough issues, and move forward when others dig in their heels, putting ideology over progress.”

Initially, we thought he was planning to chastise his own party and we settled in to read the rest of the piece.  But, no.  Is Ritter living in an entirely different Colorado than the rest of… Colorado?  In the “real” Colorado, the Democrats killed bills that would have saved children from pedophiles, worked overtime to strip citizens of Second Amendment rights, penalized small businesses with extra burdens and regulations, and just generally made life miserable for Colorado’s middle class all in the name of liberalism.  (Or, perhaps, all in the name of their radical leftist patron saint, Tim Gill, who bought this year’s legislature and it’s bassackwards legislation.)

The ideas he expressed throughout his op-ed aren’t new, nor are they disagreeable – “let’s work together to get things done”.  It’s just that he’s so detached from reality.  And, it’s not just about the state of Colorado.  He even seems to have rose-colored glasses when it comes to his own administration.

He claims he “balanced the budget” – doesn’t every Governor have to do so because of TABOR?  That’s kind of like a criminal taking credit for serving his time.  And, then there’s the Medicare fee that he passed, which contributed heartily to the national debt.  Since he’s so worried about our debt.

By putting such a rosy spin on his and other Democrats’ actions, we can’t help but wonder if the lady doth protest too much.