The recall against Senate President John Morse has angered the notoriously thin-skinned Senator from Colorado Springs, with accusations being thrown at his opponents of being sexual predators and criminals.

On Friday, the Twitter account for Morse’s State Senate Democrats went even further, accusing the 55 Sheriffs, both Democrat and Republican, who are suing to overturn overreaching gun control legislation, of standing with criminals.

Reports The Colorado Observer‘s Valerie Richardson:

DENVER–Locked in a fight for his political life, Senate President John Morse is showing that he’s not afraid to deliver a few low blows.

The Colorado Senate Democrats, which he leads, issued a Twitter message Friday accusing 55 county sheriffs of siding with “criminals.” A week earlier, the Morse campaign launched radio ads claiming that those gathering signatures to place him on the recall ballot were “criminals convicted of forgery, fraud and even sexual assault.”

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, one of the sheriffs accused by Democrats of backing criminals by filing a lawsuit against the state’s new gun-control laws, said such political tactics have become par for the course.

“I’m not at all surprised,” said Maketa. “This is their typical way of deflecting having to engage in a true debate. I would challenge the Senate Democrats to respond to the issues instead of making these childish claims and accusations.”

There are two options here: either Morse directed that this attack be made by his caucus’s communications arm, or a staff member went rogue and made this accusation themselves.

Either way, as taxpayer money is used to run the Twitter account, an answer is needed: who is responsible for accusing the Sheriffs of standing with criminals?

Does Morse stand by the attack? If not, will he fire the staff member responsible?