Desperate to draw attention away from the out-of-state interests funding the front group for Senate President John Morse, left-wing blog Colorado Pols wrote an entire piece this morning based on what we now know was an error by the Associated Press.

Supporters of the Democratic Senate President, like Pols, have been badly burned by a narrative that contrasts the local Colorado Springs grassroots effort driving the recall to a national liberal special interest group – America Votes – that is funding the pro-Morse side.

When Pols thought one of the leaders of the recall, Laura Carno, admitted to taking contributions from out of state they pounced, hoping to level the narrative playing field.

Unfortunately for Pols and Morse supporters, it turns out the money driving the Morse recall effort is 100% homegrown so far.

An AP reporter misquoted Carno as saying the donations her group, I Am Created Equal Action, had given to the Morse recall effort came from out of state. In fact, every penny that Carno has contributed to help oust Morse thus far has come from here in Colorado. Correction from the AP:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — In a story May 28 about Democrats facing recall efforts, The Associated Press reported erroneously that a conservative consultant said out-of-state donors helped fund her donation to a potential recall of the president of the Colorado State Senate. Laura Carno was misquoted; she said donors from other states have contributed to one of her organizations that will help in the recall but that her main donation to the recall effort to date came from a separate group funded by Colorado donors.

We asked Carno for additional comment on the controversy and what she thinks it means about the broader campaign. Here’s what she told us over email:

I am pleased that the AP corrected the quote regarding out of state donors. Every penny contributed to I Am Created Equal Action is from Colorado. This has been a consistent tactic from the Morse camp. They want to talk about anything but the laws that caused this recall effort. If they think the laws are good, and we think they are bad, we should be having that debate.

That’s the central problem for Morse supporters — in defending Morse they’ve decided to talk about everything but the “insane…absolutely nuts” gun bills pushed by the Senate President.

From falsely accusing recall organizers of being sex offenders and criminals to this latest attempt to shift the narrative, it’s clear the pro-Morse forces are desperate.

It turns out A Whole Lot of People for John Morse doesn’t have a whole lot to work with.

Kudos to the AP for correcting the error. It looks like the voters of SD11 will be getting a chance to do the same very soon.