With Governor Hickenlooper’s cowardly decision to grant a reprieve to cold-blooded killer Nathan Dunlap and punt the decision to the next governor, there is a growing sense that the Guv is vulnerable to a serious challenge in 2014.

Sources are telling Colorado Peak Politics that the star DA of the 18th Judicial District, George Brauchler, is considering a run for governor in 2014.

Brauchler made major political waves recently when he took to the steps of Hickenlooper’s office to blast the governor for his cop-out on the convicted killer’s death penalty, earning some serious praise from 9News’ anchor Kyle Clark:

Our sources tell us Brauchler is getting a lot of calls to get into the race and is seriously mulling the possibility.

Brauchler’s potential entrance into the field is a sign that Hickenlooper’s re-election is no longer assured, as the conventional wisdom held only a few months ago.

Then again, according to Democratic polling firm PPP, in November 2012 Hickenlooper’s approval among independents was 59-21 approve/disapprove. As of April it had plummeted to a dismal 40-48.

There are a number of other high profile contenders also looking at the governor’s race, including some big names not printed in any of the race overviews we’ve read.

Once viewed as a race locked up for the former brewpub owner, the governor’s race is seeming more likely by the day to be a hard fought one…something Hickenlooper has never faced in his career.

We might get to find out if the governor has a glass jaw after all.