The Denver Post has spilled a fair amount of ink over the last several days on the issue of John Hickenlooper’s stay of butcher Nathan Dunlap’s death penalty.

They have done exhaustive work rationalizing Hick’s weak move, but they still haven’t covered the critical political angle — the Post, KDVR, Channel’s 4 and 9, none have told us whether the Colorado Democratic Party agrees, en masse, with Hick’s de facto commutation of Dunlap’s death sentence.

Top of the list, Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino. Does he support Hick’s decision? We deserve an answer.

What about Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio? Hick is the titular leader of the Democratic Party in Colorado, so what does the top party operative think? He certainly isn’t shy with sharing his views on just about any other issue under the sun.

What about Colorado’s U.S. Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet? There is a death penalty at the federal level. Do they support Hick’s move? Do they support repeal of the federal death penalty law?

OnSight Public Affairs The Denver Post seems more than happy to cover and pontificate on Mark Udall’s seating plans for States of the Union, but why not our senior Senator’s view on a critical issue of life or death?