A while back we wrote about the possibility that Senate President John Morse was actively considering resigning his Senate seat, throwing himself on the proverbial grenade so that a vacancy committee could appoint another Democrat to serve out the last year of his term.

His resignation would, in effect, render the recall moot.

As we noted then, this would be a resounding victory for gun rights supporters, conservatives and especially local recall organizers. It’s not every day, after all, that the Senate President gives up the Senate presidency willingly.

It would be tantamount to Morse pleading guilty to overreach. What a win it would be.

When we floated the possibility, which was widely rumored as possible among political insiders, Morse Shermanesquely denied it to KDVR’s Eli Stokols:

DENVER — Senate President John Morse, who may be facing a recall election in Colorado Springs later this year, says he will not resign his seat early.

“I am in now until the bitter end,” Morse told FOX31 Denver Tuesday.

Contrast that “no wiggle room” denial to Morse’s statement to 9News this weekend about resigning to stop the recall from going forward:

“But at this point, that’s not in my plan.”

Morse’s interview has got people again talking about a Morse resignation.

Waiting in the wings, as we also previously reported, is long-time Michael Bloomberg henchman Mike Merriefield. Merrifield served as state director for the group bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg’s billions — Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG).

It is hard to hear Morse’s interview this weekend and juxtapose it to his open and shut denial from a few weeks back.

Will John Morse plead guilty to an overreach? We think it is very clearly possible. What a win it would be — Democrats concede the argument, in essence pleading guilty to the crime of political overreach, and heading into 2014 their gun-grabbing replacement, Mike Merrifield, will be covered head-to-toe in the taint of it all.

UPDATE: Morse is now again denying he will resign. If that’s true, why would he use weasel words this weekend to leave the possibility open?