Morse is hoping Bloomberg rides to the rescue

Senate President John Morse isn’t hiding his budding bromance with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg anymore. In an article by Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post, Morse openly declares his fervent hope that Bloomberg rides to the rescue with some more cold hard cash for his recall defense campaign.

He’ll need it after recall organizers turned in over 16,000 signatures, compared to the only 13,866 votes Morse received in his last election in 2010.

Any Bloomberg bucks would be in addition to the at least $20,000 Morse’s recall defense campaign has already taken from Bloomberg-backed America Votes.

From Bartels’ write up:

The NRA already is active in the recall effort, and Morse said he believes he could receive help from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, if there is an election.

“If this ends up on the ballot, I do think it turns into a race of national importance,” Morse said.

Read the whole piece here.

Yes, the NRA has been involved in the recall — to the wild tune of $985 for a mailer, per The Denver Post‘s Kurtis Lee. The Bloomberg-backed America Votes, on the other hand, has given at least $20,000 so far to the pro-Morse group, with much more likely to be exposed when the pro-Morse group files their report by midnight tonight.

How, then, does Morse jive dreams of Big Apple bucks with this grandstanding statement he tweeted this morning?

The politics of projection, we guess.