We don’t criticize The Denver Post‘s most beloved political reporter, Lynn Bartels, often. Most of the time the hall monitor of Colorado politics is beyond reproach. She’s quick to call out either side when she thinks they’re not telling the full story.

So we thought we’d return the favor.

On Sunday night Bartels penned a blog post, dubbed “a nice op-ed by John Morse” by one commenter, that deserves to be called out.

In the blog post, Bartels lets a one “Carol Hoffman” make incendiary accusations against the Morse recall campaign without a shred of proof. While that’s enough to call the article suspect, our real issue is that Bartels originally made no attempt to contextualize the source of those allegations.

The original post said:

“Among those who contacted the Denver Post, Carol Hoffman, who lives in Morse’s Senate district.”

To Bartels credit, after some conservative howling she added later on that Hoffman was a Morse supporter — an essential piece of context for the allegations.

But Hoffman is more than mere Morse supporter — she’s a full on political partisan who has been heavily involved in the effort to fight the recall against Morse.

Just a concerned citizen, Hoffman is not.

On April 15, Hoffman donated $50 to the Morse front group fighting the recall, A Whole Lot Of People For John Morse. Then again on April 19, Hoffman donated another $50.

On May 8, Hoffman wrote a Letter to the Editor of the left-wing Colorado Springs “Independent” urging readers to refuse to sign the recall petition for Senator Morse.

Hoffman is more than just a constituent and supporter of Morse. She’s part of the political effort to save his legislative hide. Sure would be nice for readers of The Denver Post to know that when reading her allegations.