Yesterday, the Pueblo Chieftain reported significant out of state money flowing in to aid embattled State Senator Angela Giron as she fights a grassroots recall effort prompted by her support of radically left-leaning gun control legislation signed into law this year by Democratica Governor Hickenlooper.  Thanks to View From a Height blogger, Joshua Sharf, for the tip.

Nearly half of the $71,000 raised came from the far-left group the Sixteen Thirty Fund.  With little popular support Giron has in this recall, it is interesting to note that 98.6% of the $71,000 that her side has raised has come from three third party independent expenditure committees:

  • Sixteen Thirty Fund, $35,000
  • Citizens for Integrity, $20,000
  • Mainstream Colorado, $15,000

The farcically-named groups (e.g., “Mainstream Colorado”) backing Giron are all technically non-profits, similar in form to various Tea Party and patriot groups on the right that have been the subject of scrutiny from a hyper-partisan IRS that we haven’t seen the likes of since Nixon.  And, not surprisingly, none of the groups are based in Pueblo.  According to The Chieftain article:

“State Sen. Angela Giron’s campaign to fend off a recall election got substantial financial help in recent weeks — $71,000 in contributions, with the bulk coming from Denver and Washington, D.C., political donor committees.”

The Chieftain article described Giron’s haul as six times what has been raised by the group supporting the recall, Pueblo Freedom and Rights, but organizers are confident that the bi-partisan recall effort will succeed in spite of the flow of out of state funds into Giron’s race.  According to recall paperwork filed with the Secretary of State, Giron is being recalled for a “demonstrated hostility and contempt for the fundamental constitutional liberty of her constituents.”  Giron admitted to receiving thousands of emails and calls urging her to vote against the gun control legislation, and organized townhalls where nearly 1,000 people showed up to oppose these bills.  Only about 12 people came in support of the position that Giron ultimately adopted.

Recall signatures are due to the Secretary of State’s office on Monday, June 10th.