A Whole Lot of People For John Morse is quickly being exposed as a Few Special Interests Saving John Morse’s Hide. In a report on the financial backing of the Morse front group by Morse’s hometown paper, the Colorado Springs Gazette, it is revealed that a Black Hawk casino and big Pharma are bankrolling the effort.

Per the Gazette:

Citizens for Integrity, a Denver-based non-profit, gave $25,000 to Morse’s campaign. Mainstream Colorado, a Denver-based political action committee, donated $15,000. 

Mainstream is registered to the liberal front-person Julie Wells and the latest financial report said Wells’ group took in $25,000 from Riviera Black Hawk Casino and another $25,000 from Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Action Fund. The group has a variety of funding sources however, according to the April 15, report.

It’s kind of sad that the strongest in-state connection the pro-Morse forces are able to generate is a big check from a casino.

Despite the big bucks coming from Black Hawk, with over 16,000 signatures turned in by the Morse recall organizers we’re betting the odds are not in Morse’s favor.