The fight down in Douglas County is ramping up in the lead up to the 2013 school board elections in November. Rep. Frank McNulty (R-Highlands Ranch) recently weighed in on the issue, blasting the local teachers union for sending most of their union dues to elect Barack Obama and almost none on teacher development.

Check out McNulty’s robodial:

If you listen carefully you’ll note McNulty takes a veiled swipe at 9News union rep education reporter, Nelson Garcia, who has been reporting the union smear that Douglas County teachers are leaving in droves. Turns out it’s not only not true, but Douglas County has the same retention rate as union-friendly districts like Cherry Creek.

Strangely, Garcia has yet to report on Cherry Creek’s “colander” for teachers. Guess the AFL-CIO isn’t interested in feeding him that story.

We also received this walk piece (after the jump) from a reader down in Castle Rock that lays out the line of attack highlighted in McNulty’s robodial, namely that the DougCo union sent 70% of its union dues to Washington, DC to elect Barack Obama and only 1% on actual teacher development.

To put it lightly, that kind of thing ain’t gonna be popular in the Republican Promised Land of Douglas County.