This past week, Americans For Prosperity began an online ad campaign campaign in fifteen states targeting U.S. Congressmen and Senators who support a destructive tax on carbon emissions.  Colorado’s own Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall is one of three senators featured in this ad buy, which is going to begin at $175,000.  The other two targeted senators are Kay Hagen of North Carolina and Mark Begich of Alaska, both, again, Democrats.

Udall represents an extreme fringe of the Democrat Party in his support for job killing carbon taxes. Not even Obama supports the idea of a carbon tax, which would drive up energy prices and hamper job growth in the critical natural resources sector.  Unfortunately, Udall shortsighted stance is squarely at odds with the interests of our state’s middle class and its job creators.

But, there is one person who may support his radical left position – his wife, environmentalist Maggie Fox.  This has been one of Fox’s issues as part of Al Gore’s environmental group Climate Reality Project (affectionately dubbed CRaP).  Maybe Udall’s just trying to keep peace at home – happy wife, happy life?