Governor John Hickenlooper likes to tell reporters he studies issues. He tries to listen to all viewpoints before he makes up his mind. On the issue of the death penalty, Hick went to great pains to express to the press that he thought long and hard on the issue before cowardly punting the decision on Nathan Dunlap’s death penalty to the next governor.

In truth, he doesn’t know jack about the death penalty.

In part two of our series to expose the lies and ignorance on display during his interview with Mike Rosen on 850KOA earlier this week, we turn our attention to another false fact floated by the Guv during that fateful interview.

(You can see Part 1 here)

During the interview Hickenlooper claims that the state is “roughly 50/50” on the death penalty.

Roll the tape:


I do think that the state, right now, is roughly 50/50 in terms of who supports capital punishment and who doesn’t.

Hickenlooper’s liberal staff may be 50/50 on the death penalty, but Coloradans are far more clear on where they stand. From Quinnipiac’s most recent Colorado poll, conducted June 5-10:

Colorado voters say 69 – 24 percent that the death penalty should stay on the books and not be replaced by life in prison with no chance of parole.

Last December The Colorado Observer reported on a poll by Republican polling firm The Tarrance Group:

A whopping 68 percent of poll respondents say they oppose abolishing the death penalty in Colorado, compared to just 27 percent who said they favored an end to capital punishment.

When Hick doesn’t even pay attention to what people say they want can he credibly claim to be listening to them?