Tomorrow, the documentary “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire” will be released in theaters across the country.  In Colorado, the movie will be released at the AMC Westminster Promenade 24, 10655 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CO.  Tickets can be purchased here.

Here’s a snapshot of what the documentary will cover, from the movie website:

“Narrated by Ice-T, a critically acclaimed rapper and actor, the film takes a critical look at current gun laws and the rising movement to restrict the rights guaranteed by our Second Amendment.”

The Peak interviewed producer, director, and writer Kris Koenig about the film.  See the answers below.

The Peak: With what message does the director wants viewers to leave this movie?

Koenig: “The biggest threat to our Second Amendment right is the rhetoric of politicians, media and pundits, and their lack of identifying the real problems when it comes to gun violence in this country. The fact is a combination of gang, drug and mental health issues is the root of the majority of U.S. gun violence. If we’re not honest about where the problem lies, then we’ll risk our constitutionally protected civil rights in the name of a false sense of public safety.”

The Peak: We saw Colorado’s Dave Kopel featured in the movie’s trailer, what role does Kopel play in the film?

Koenig: “Dave Kopel, Research Director of Independence Institute, is one of the more than 30 experts who came together to weigh in on the past and present of the Second Amendment. Check out the movie starting June 20th to see Kopel’s take!”

The Peak: This movie is about 2nd Amendment rights, but why should people who aren’t that into 2nd Amendment rights care about this film?

Koenig: “As we’ve seen in the past with other civil rights issues, the majority isn’t always right. Whether it’s racial equality, women’s rights, LGBT equality or the Second Amendment, we have to strongly uphold all of our precious civil rights. The reason that this society exists is because we balance the rights of the individual above the whole. Our film takes a step back from the public discourse on limiting magazine capacity and defining assault rifles and focuses on the civil rights aspect both in a historic view and current events.”

The Peak: Who are some of the other guests who will be featured in the movie?

Koenig: “‘Assaulted’ sought out constitutional historians, lawyers, law enforcement, educators, anti-violence leaders, gun rights activists and gun owners to lend their voices to the film. The result is more than 30 interviews from advocates on both sides of the argument, such as:

·         Ted Nugent – Rock Star and Second Amendment Advocate

·         Chris Cheng – Professional Marksman & Winner, “Top Shot” Season Four

·         Dan Gross – President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

·         Bobbie Ross – Civil Rights Lawyer & Chair, American Bar Association’s 2nd Amendment Committee

·         Alan Gottlieb – Founder, Second Amendment Foundation

·         Eugene Volokh, Ph.D. – Professor UCLA School of Law & Blogger, “The Volokh Conspiracy”

·         Adam Winkler, Ph.D. – Professor UCLA School of Law & Author, “Gun Fight”

·         Margot Bennett – Executive Director, Women Against Gun Violence

·         Alan Gura, Esq. – Civil Rights Lawyer Attorney, Lead Counsel for Heller (District of Columbia v. Heller)

·         Gene Hoffman – Founder, CalGuns Foundation

·         Thomas Boyer – Chairman, Pink Pistols

·         And others…”

The Peak: Why was Ice-T chosen as the narrator? What role does he play in the 2nd Amendment rights movement?

Koenig: “We chose to work with Ice-T because he has a unique, distinguishable voice and he’s also a bridge to reach broad audiences for whom civil rights have historically been a key issue. We wanted this film to be an all-inclusive look into gun laws and civil rights, hence we have a varied roster of appearances, including constitutional lawyers; Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence; Margot Bennett with Women Against Gun Violence, as well as staunch supporters of gun rights, like Ted Nugent.”

In case one of the theaters is not available, the film also is available for special screenings nationwide in partnership with Tugg, a web platform that enables individuals, organizations and non-profits to host their own theatrical events and share the film with local communities.